Acupuncture Services in Portland, OR

When you visit me for acupuncture my approach is patient-centered and collaborative. I'll take the time to understand the layers of your health concerns and explain how Chinese medicine can help you most efficiently. 

If you're not sure what kind of treatment you need, schedule a free consultation and I'll gladly explain which services will best meet your needs.

I respect your time and dedication to your health and all treatments are centered on bringing you results, with ample time for questions. It’s important to me that you’re comfortable and understand the process.

Portland Acupuncture | Medical Acupuncture
Portland Acupuncture | Cupping and Gua Sha
Portland Acupuncture | Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture
Portland Acupuncture | Herbal Therapy for insomnia, allergies, stress, anxiety, depression, and more
Portland Acupuncture | Holistic Dermatology
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