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Herbal Therapy
Portland Acupuncture | Traditional Chinese herbal medicine

Just like the food we eat and the pharmaceuticals and supplements we take, herbal therapy affects change in the body from the inside out. It is an effective holistic treatment for many conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, allergies, women’s health disorders, and chronic pain. 


By incorporating herbal therapy into your treatment plan, you may experience improvements more quickly than with acupuncture alone. In chronic or severe cases, herbal therapy may be essential to a successful treatment plan, and in some cases, it may be effective on its own.


My approach to herbal therapy consists of carefully formulated groups of herbs. The ingredients work synergistically, often having a stronger effect in pairs or groups than as a single-herb treatment or isolated component, as with many pharmaceuticals. I craft a formula for your individual needs and modify the ingredients as you respond and symptoms improve. Like acupuncture, herbal therapy addresses the root cause as well as the uncomfortable symptoms, with few or no side effects.


All of the herbal products and ingredients I prescribe have been repeatedly lab-tested for molds, heavy metals, and pesticides throughout the stages of processing and packaging. Safety, purity, ethical harvest, and sustainable industry standards are of utmost importance.

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