COVID-19 Precautions and Updated Procedures

Updated 2/3/2021

Valued community,

Next week I’ll receive a second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine - yip! - and as more members of our community are able to move forward with vaccination, I look forward to sharing a fresh sense of hope and safety with you all. Even so, I’m making no immediate changes to procedures for health and safety.

Moving forward I will continue to take the following precautions:

-Our HVAC system is outfitted with HEPA filtration, I run medical-grade HEPA air purifiers in treatment rooms and common spaces, and the window in each treatment room is opened for at least 30 minutes between appointments.

-I layer two well-fitting surgical masks at all times.

-You’ll receive a pre-screening survey email prior to your appointment. If you’re unable to complete the survey prior to your appointment time, you’ll answer the questions by phone before entering the office.

-To limit our time in shared space, I’ll call you at your appointment time. We can discuss any updates and goals for treatment before you come inside.

-New patients are welcome and to limit our time in shared space, we’ll establish care with a virtual visit. After your virtual visit, you’re welcome to schedule an in-office established patient acupuncture visit.

-All visitors to the space are required to wear a well-fitting mask at all times, must read a temperature below 99.8 degrees F, and are invited to use hand sanitizer upon arrival and before leaving.

-I keep my schedule at 50% capacity to avoid overcrowding and to allow for extended air exchange in treatment rooms between appointments.

-I disinfect bathroom surfaces after each use, and treatment room and common area surfaces between each visitor.

-Cosmetic facial acupuncture treatments are on hold, as well as cupping and gua sha-only treatments. If I think you’d benefit from face-up bodywork to the neck or scalp as part of your medical acupuncture treatment, you’ll see me don a face shield for that brief portion of your visit.

My colleagues and I follow infection control recommendations from the CDC, OHA, OSHA, our licensing boards, and professional organizations. I’ll share with you when or if I make any sweeping changes.

With warm good wishes and gratitude!

Betsy Gordon, LAc