Double sphere facial roller

Facial gua sha is a wonderful form of massage. It’s been trending in the beauty industry for several years but its origin as a treatment tool in Chinese medicine is often lost. This context is important - gua sha integrates seamlessly with your acupuncture and holistic dermatology treatment plan.


I recommend facial gua sha self care to all of my cosmetic acupuncture patients, those suffering with jaw tension, acne, rosacea, melasma, or an uneven complexion, and anyone looking for a calming, stress relieving facial care ritual.


How does gua sha facial rolling work?

  • Tones the sympathetic nervous system

  • Releases facial muscle tension from physical and emotional holding patterns

  • Encourages the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid 

  • Contours fascia


It’s like foam rolling for your face.


What are the benefits of regular facial rolling?

  • Calms the mind, supports emotional balance and stress management

  • Reduces puffiness and sagging

  • Improves muscle and skin tone

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Restores a balanced, calm expression


Jade rollers are everywhere, but they are not all equal. 


Why use the dual sphere roller?

  • It enables precise stimulation of acupoints of the face, neck, and chest

  • It snuggly “squeezes” muscles and connective tissue at bony prominences, providing an enhanced draining, sculpting, and firming effect


I find gua sha rolling to be the easiest, most enjoyable way to add regular facial massage to my self care routine.


How do I use my roller?

Once you’ve made a purchase, schedule a Gua Sha Tutorial Virtual Visit. We’ll discuss your skin concerns and goals, and I will share how you can use your tool most effectively.


How should I clean my roller?

Wash the stone spheres with gentle soap and water after each use. Dry gently with a towel or let air dry. Do not soak the spheres or handle.

Double sphere facial roller