YINA Nourish Botanical Serum





YINA Nourish Botanical Serum

  • Rhodiola + Bakuchiol

    The NOURISH botanical serum is infused with YINA’s proprietary Chinese Medicinal plant complex to help deeply nourish, condition, and hydrate the skin for a luminous, smooth complexion.  Potent and grounding, this phytonutrient-rich oil serum is powered by rare botanicals Rhodiola, Bakuchiol, and Asian Knotweed.  Abundant in adaptogens and super antioxidants, it replenishes and restores your skin while helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and enhance suppleness.

  • Ritual

    After cleansing and toning with the Essential Mist, apply 2-4 drops of NOURISH  to the face and neck. Press into skin and massage gently until the product is absorbed and your skin begins to glow. Strengthening and stabilizing, a small amount will serve you well.

  • What to Expect

    Give your skin a rest from poking and prodding, and see what genuinely feeding your skin can do for your glow factor. See a genuine difference as it soaks up balancing ingredients like Rhodiola, and watch fine lines diminish with the help of Bakuchiol.

  • Energetics

    Grounds the senses and mind. Inspires connection to the present. Invokes a clear, meditative state. 

  • Ingredients

    Please find the ingredients here.